Giving Your Pregnant Spouse a Good Massage 

It takes a lot of pain and hurt before someone can understand the real situation of the woman and this can’t be shown easily due to the fact that there are many people who will think that being pregnant is just an easy task and it is also a good way to deliver a new baby to the family. It is a good thing that we are helping our wives to feel better especially during this time that they are feeling uncomfortable and they could not express well what is their feeling or thinking about the pain that they have inside. It is a nice thing to give them a good massage Melbourne to reduce the pain that they are suffering and this will be a good way to show to them that you really care and this will give them a good chance to take care of themselves more.  

The first thing that you can do is to ask you’re your wife to lie down on the bed and make sure that they are very comfortable when doing this one and ask them first if they are fine with this one. Make sure always that they are having the right position or else it will give them a difficult time to relax and they could feel the pain for a longer time. Others would try to massage the back part of their wives like the shoulder part to the neck part gently and make sure that you are not pressing too much as it will give them discomfort and it is not good for the flow of the blood. It is better to have this kind of massage when they are sitting on a chair and in order for them to relax even better.  

When they are lying on the bed, you can ask them to the side view position so that you can massage and rub the back part of your wife and this position will give her so much benefits as well like not feeling the pain or the discomfort. Of course, part of it is to massage the head of your loving wife and try to ask her if she is feeling great or not and this will give you the best satisfaction as a husband as you can give her the relief that she wants and care for her situation.  

Of course, you can massage the legs and limbs of your wife to reduce the swelling that they are feeling and it is a good way as well to do this before bed time so that they could sleep well in the evening. There are some cases that you need to know when to massage your partner as they would feel bad after it or when they are suffering from too much pain. You can consult your doctor about when or which part of your spouse body you can massage and what to do if massage is not applicable. This is a good way as well to reduce the risk in the pregnancy.